Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Add It To My Want List: U.F.O & Alien Comix

I love UFO comics, everything from Dell's Flying Saucers to Gold Key's UFO & Outer Space. I've never had my hands on a copy of this book, though. UFO talk was pretty big in the 70s, so Jim Warren decided that it might make sense to recycle a few UFO-themed stories from Eerie and Vampirella. That works just fine for me, as I don't have any of the issues from which the stories originate. The real selling point for me (aside from the UFOs) is the fact that this book contains 8 pages of Alex Toth art and 11 pages of John Severin art. Throw in a bunch of other stories about aliens and conspiracy theories and I'm sold. I just hope it's better than that UFO Connection issue of Marvel Preview.

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Keith Bowden said...

This was a fun issue as I recall. Mine's in storage or I'd go home and fish it out. :(