Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Trade Marks: The Outfit

Since I was 99% sure that I would really like this adaptation of Donald Westlake's (aka. Richard Stark) 1963 novel, I took my time with this one. I wanted to savour it, so I took breaks between chapters and came back to it a couple of days later. This really helped me to better appreciate the amount of love and passion Cooke puts into these books, as there is so much more to it than just the plot. Cooke himself adds some clearly delineated breaks within the story, making it easier to read it in chunks. It also helped me to better digest the changes in style and approach that Cooke infuses into the story, including some text and a cartoonish chapter. These might come across as quite jarring if you were to sit down to read it cover to cover. In all honesty I don't think that I was quite as enamored with this one as I was The Hunter, but I have a feeling that this book will be more rewarding as I revisit it down the road. Cooke is onto something really great here, as evidenced by the sadness when I read "Parker will return in 2012". That feels like forever! Trade Mark: B+


diana green said...

I haven't red this one yet, but I just got it from the library. I thought the first volume was quite strong.
Noir appears to be the rage in GNs now. Most of the work is quite strong, so I hope it continues!

Scott M said...

Do you have any other good Noir recommendations?