Thursday, March 17, 2011

Exit Stage Left: The Occult Files of Doctor Spektor #25

Here's the final fling of one of the most unusual series of the 70s. Dormant since 1977, the fine folks at Western thought it made sense to put this series back on the racks for a single issue. It's actually a reprint of the very first issue. As was the case with many books published under the Whitman imprint, the cover was line drawn version of the original painted cover. I'm not sure why this editorial decision was made, but it has always struck me as odd. The story introduces us to Dr. Spektor, who might very well be related to Fox Mulder. We also meet his lady friend and assistant, Lakota Rainflower. Jesse Santos' artwork is an acquired taste, but I've always found it appealing. There's also a back up story co-starring Dracula, reprinted from the series' 5th issue. It a rather odd send-off to a character who had been gathering dust for 5 years.

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joe dec said...

I started to buy this comic series because I was 15 , working , making a ton of cash for a 15 year old kid. I bought everything in those days. It took me awhile to appreciate the art . Once I really started readiing the stories I was hooked and hunted down the whole series. Say what you will about Jesse Santo but the guy could draw some hot babes !!!!