Friday, March 25, 2011

Trade Marks: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

My kids love the Wizard of Oz. As a result, I've grown to like it much more today than I ever did as a child. Plenty of people whose opinions I respect recommended this recent miniseries adapting Baum's initial book. When I saw the hardcover on sale for half-price, I couldn't pass it up as I figured that I'd read it and then pass it along to my kids. Well, I'm not ready to hand it over quite yet. Eric Shanower's script is a joyous, and yet suitably dark, interpretation of Baum's original vision. Skottie Young's artwork is equal parts creepy and cartoony, and his characters designs are unique and yet familiar. The story roles along at a nice pace, and the disturbing parts are restrained enough that an child could likely handled them. The overall package is very impressive with informative text and great sketches. I know that Shanower has done a ton of Oz related work and I look forward to tracking it down. Trade Mark: A

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Jeremy A. Patterson said...

This is a very quirky take on the Oz mythos!