Thursday, March 17, 2011

Married With Clickers: Episode 10 - The Watcher in the Woods

For our tenth episode, we revisit a childhood favourite while on vacation 'in the woods'. Does Disney's attempt to make a scary movie for the whole family actually work? Did the legendary production problems hurt the final product? Just how old is Bette Davis? Tune in to find out if this one still gives us the creeps or if you really cannot go home again. This week's Question of the Week is "What is a good 'First' horror movie for kids?" We also finally got around to watching The Social Network and Scott caught a screening of Machete Maidens Unleashed. Mr. T called and told us that he pities the fool who doesn't leave us feedback - so email us at marriedwithclickers at or leave us a voicemail at 206-338-0793.


Jacque Nodell said...

I was simultaneously in love and terrified of this movie when I was little. I would say I was about seven or eight when I first saw it. Not many of my peers seem to remember it though for some reason.

Scott M said...

If you get the chance, download our little show Jacque.