Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gil Kane Cover of the Month: Jimmy Wakely #13

I'll be posting more about the Jimmy Wakely series soon, but for now I just wanted to highlight this stunning cover from 1951. The design is fairly simple: gunslinger in the foreground, wanted poster in the background. As is apparent, simple is often best. The hat coming off is a really nice touch, and I really like the font in the Wanted poster. Kane could really do it all in the 50s, moving from Western, to Sci-Fi and to Dog comics. The hand positioning is quite cool, and I've always dug the way Kane shows a gun grip. I find the colour scheme quite interesting, as it is nicely subdued - almost giving it a 'wash' look. Great stuff.

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Man of Bronze said...

It is a shame that we don't see more vintage western collections. Especially from DC where the main trio of artists on late Golden Age and Early Silver Age western comics were Gil Kane! Alex Toth! and Carmine Infantino!

Add to these 3 names the rare Frank Frazetta TOMAHAWK story "Black Cougar" and some gorgeous Nick Cardy and you have a very appealing collection in my humble opinion...

Looking forward to read more on the JIMMY WAKELY series Scott.