Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Comic Book Robot of the Month: Mr. Atom

Mr. Atom is certainly a Comic Book Robot Hall of Famer, and likely in the all-time top 10 of Comic Book Robots. He was first introduced in Captain Marvel Adventures #78 (November, 1947) and is a card carrying member of the Monster Society of Evil. The thing is, he was not supposed to be a villain. His creator, the well-intentioned Dr. Charles Langley, made the mistake of giving this robot a brain (isn't that always the way?). Mr. Atom decided that his destiny was not to be one of serfdom, but rather to 'rule over men'. He headed straight to the United Nations building (I thought it was originally in San Francisco, not Fawcett City) and killed a delegate. After a long battle, Mr. Atom was finally defeated by the Big Red Cheese. Of course, he would continue his attempts to fulfill his destiny again and again. He's a wonderful creation, with a superb retro design that looked terrific when he returned in the 70s. Holy Moley, indeed!

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