Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Add It To My Want List: DC Special Series #3

I've walked by this book a million times. I've always thought it was just a collection of old Sgt. Rock stories. Great stories no doubt, but likely stuff I'd seen elsewhere as DC had the habit of reprinting the same stories over and over. Why didn't anyone tell me that this book contained an all-new (for 1977, I should say) story written by Bob Kanigher and drawn by none other than Doug Wildey? Why have you people been withholding this information from me? I try to be nice to you guys, and share in all of the great book I seen out there. Why couldn't one of you tell me hidden behind this solid, yet generic, Joe Kubert cover is 30 pages of Wildey magic. Wildey wasn't exactly doing a ton of comic book work at that time, so this is a real treat - especially since it is 30 pages. 30 pages! The mind boggles. End of accustory rant.


Jeremy A. Patterson said...

I actually own that book! It is great to see Wildey in there!


Brooks said...

I own this book too. I found it in a dollar box I believe. God bless the dollar box.

Man of Bronze said...

I love Doug Wildey (his RIO is a great read by the way) and I thank you fotr bringing this title to our attention. Time to hit Ebay...

Anonymous said...

Cool, I'll have to chase that one down! My knowledge of Doug Wildey's work is largely restricted to his Rio stories (although I am aware of other books and animated series he created or worked on).

I was very lucky to recently add a couple of original Wildey pages to my comic art collection including a Rio page and an unpublished DPS for an unrealised DC book, Savage World -


Royd Burgoyne
Perth, Australia