Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Add It To My Want List: House of Mystery #252

I understand that his art has a polarizing effect on people, but I happen to be a big fan of Frank Robbins. It has recently come to my attention that during the middle of all of his super hero kookiness at Marvel during the late 70s, Robbins contributed an 8-page story to this issue of House of Mystery. As much as I love Robbins, I do think he is better suited to 'non-cape & tights' genres, so I'd love to see what he was able to do with this story, written by Arnold Drake. Beyond that story, we all know that Dollar Comics are awesome and this one includes may of my favourite creators of the era. There are stories by the likes of Dave Michelinie and Jack Oleck and a slew of terrific artists including Alfredo Alcala, Frank Redondo, Don Perlin and Alex Nino. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for a cheap copy of this one. Oh yeah - Neal Adams cover!


Man of Bronze said...

Dollar Comics! And all those giant-size format DC put out, from the 48 pagers to the 100 pagers, all of them were soooo cool! You can never go wrong when you pick one up. So many pages, you have got to find something you like in them.

I usually prefer the science fiction titles to the horror/mystery anthology titles from DC (TIME WARP!), but the early runs of Joe Orlando's edited Mystery titles are milestones for sure. Just never gave the late-in-the-run issues a chance. I am surprised to see a Neal Adams cover (awesome too!) so late in the Bronze age.

I agree with you on Frank Robbins. He is such an underappreciated artist and writer (on the Batman titles). He's the kind of artist i didnt like in my early days of collecting (probably because he didnt fit the house styles of Kirby, Buscema, Kane or Romita) but i learned to appreciate much later when I saw his non-superhero stuff. Same with George Tuska, Don Heck...

Great find Scott!

Rok said...

Adams had quit DC and Marvel but when Jeanette Kahn replaced Infantino as head of DC comics, Adams did a handful of great cover for her.

Scott M said...

Yeah - I was surprised to see an Adams cover too. I love Time Warp myself. I wish they had brought Mystery in Space back as a Dollar Comic.

Do you have a list of all the late 70s Adams covers ROK? I thought I knew all of 'em until I saw this one.