Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hidden Gems: DC Special #5

If you consider yourself to be a Joe Kubert fan, you owe if to yourself to add a copy of DC Special #5 (December, 1969). First, you get an amazing cover: a self-portrait of the artist surrounded by many great DC characters. I love the fact that they are working away on a painting of Joe himself, and that Johnny Quick is inviting us all to join in. It is a essentially a collection of Sgt. Rock, Hawkman and Viking Prince reprints from books that would cost a pretty penny to track down. The true rarity here is 'Rider of the Winds' from Showcase #2, a book that may never be reprinted. The real treat here are the 5 pages dedicated to showing Joe at home, with all of the Kubert, including young Andy and Adam. It is very charming and a real novelty for any fan. A VG/F copy of this recently failed to sell on eBay for $4.99, so there are affordable copies out there.

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benday-dot/Craig said...

Great comic Scott. It's actually one of the last comics I picked up before going on a "soft" buying hiatus ;-) (looking at some of your ACG's I might have to break it again). I love that Kubert biographical section, and Kubert Hawkman is always gold. The Kubert and Anderson versions of the character are so very different, and both so wonderful. But yes, that Showcase reprint is definitely a rare avenue into the earliest days of DC's landmark title. Great to see this one featured! Craig