Monday, November 09, 2009

Memoirs of a Bronze Age Baby: Human Fly #12

I know that I've mentioned the 10 cent rack at my childhood LCS before. It was where I spent a lot of my allowance money circa 1980. That rack provide me with the first taste of Atlas-Seaboard books, Devil Dinosaur and Claw the Unconquered. Human Fly was also a regular denizen of the 10 cent rack. I think this was the first issue of Human Fly that I ever read. At the time, it was unlike anything I'd ever read and after flipping through it last night, that statement still holds true. This may be the most 'well intentioned' comic book series ever produced by Marvel. Looking back at it as an example of pure fromage, it is hard to believe the level of earnestness infused in these book. This issue recounts how Arnie came to join the Human Fly team. It's quite well told tale written by Bill Mantlo, and I like the Elias-Springer art team. I especially like the full page splash near the end where Arnie and the Fly manoeuvre in midair, as Elias certain knows how to lay out an action sequence. If I had to use one word to described this issue, if not the entire series it would be 'dorky', but sometimes I like dorks.


Chris Gumprich said...

Funny that you would profile this book now... just last week I picked up issues #5-18 at the local con. Fun series, while hardly classic, was at least something different.

(As long as you ignore the godawful issue #4, where Fly fights rich guys who wear costumes for no reason)

Aaron Bias said...

Wow! I remember this series, but had no idea it ever reached 12 issues, let alone 18!

G said...

I think I used to have the complete run! I know I still have the "Towering Inferno" issue as well as #12 (about which I just wrote, which is what brought me here)! Human Fly was the anti-Superman, back before Evangeline and Badger! He had to work for his powers, not just have them handed to him by crashing on an alien planet!