Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Comic Book Robot of the Month: Mister Machine

Many of you likely know that Machine Man got his start in the 2001: A Space Odyssey series as Mister Machine. What you may not know, if you have read those original issues, is just how much he's changed over the years. In the beginning, X-51 (as he was originally known) was a extremely violent creation seeking vengeance and freedom. He spends a great deal of time spouting the absolutes of Kirbyspeak, blasting an U.S. military personnel that stands in his way. Aside from getting his hands back on his 'face', he really wasn't all that concerned with finding his humanity - he just wanted to escape. Although I've always loved Machine Man's costume, I really dig his 'skinless' design - as he looks very menacing. While the comic book world had certainly seen defiant robots before, none has ever gone so far as to rip off Sidney Poitier as the X-51 does when he says "If by some chance, we should ever meet again - call me Mister. Mister Machine if you like, but don't smile when you say it". Killer design + clunky dialogue = Classic Kirby.


MilkManX said...

He was a really neat character. I really liked the mini series that BWS did later on too.

Scott M said...

I've never read that one - but it sounds like something I'd like.