Monday, November 02, 2009

Reprint This! Ragman

Ragman was one of DC's more interesting superhero experiments of the Bronze Age. The title's timing, however, was terrible as it was cancelled (or imploded) after a mere 5 issues. Is that enough for a TPB? I don't see why not, especially if you add his other two pre-Crisis appearances from the final issue of Batman Family and his resurrection several years later for Brave and the Bold #196. Robert Kanigher did some of his best 70s work here, as there is some nice sophistication to the characters and the overall concept is quite unique. Rory Regan is a very sympathetic character and he must have been one of the first superheroes that was also Vietnam vet. There are some nice smaller stories set within the larger plot line and it all works quite nicely. It's not perfect, and elements are a tad dated but the 'message' is about as subtle as you get from the 70s. Joe Kubert's work with the Redondo studio is top notch, and a nicely package TPB would make it a must buy, even though back issues are still a relative bargain. Was Ragman #6 ever produced? I believe only the cover made it to Cancelled Comics Cavalcade.


Andrew Wahl said...


I certainly would buy this. Even as a kid I found Ragman strangely compelling, and the material has aged better than most. Throw in those other stories — especially the one from Batman Family #20 (featuring some simply gorgeous Michael Golden art) — and it'd be a great little volume. (FYI, I'll be reviewing Ragman #1-5 on Comics Bronze Age Nov. 30-Dec. 4).


Edo Bosnar said...

I absolutely second (or third, I guess since Andrew beat me to it) the motion. I've always though the original Ragman series was one of the little known and greatly underappreciated gems of the 1970s.

G said...

Did you get the Ragman miniseries in the late '80s? I think it was Kubert, but I have about half a ton of junk on top ot it, so I can't check.

John Lindwall said...

I loved this book as a kid also, at least for the short while it came out. I usually enjoy Patrick Broderick's work for sure.

There's a new ragman series coming out!

From the preview pages I've seen online it looks very promising.